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Agence France-Presse
November 14, 2012
A posting on Apple's Brazilian site shows the company is hiring retail staff for Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro stores.

They will represent the first bricks and mortar Apple stores in what everyone recognizes are two extremely important emerging markets. The news first broke on a Brazilian tech site when a reader spotted application forms on local Apple websites that highlighted the locations of new stores. Though it isn't clear when these stores will open it is certain that Apple will not limit itself to a single retail presence in either of these countries. As well as retail staff, Apple is also searching for regional managers for both countries.

However, Apple may be facing issues with its newest design for its retail stores. On October 27 the company opened what it called its prototype store in Palo Alto, California, its hometown, which, as well as being a landmark building, will act as the design template and reference for every new store around the world that follows.

However, according to ex-Apple employee and blogger Jean-Louis Gassée, Apple's choice of vaulted ceilings, plate glass and metallic surfaces has resulted in an interior that doubles as the perfect sound amplifier. So much so that when he measured the sound levels (using an iPhone app of course), they peaked at an ear-shattering 75dB, 10dB higher than the noise coming from the busy road outside and 5dB higher than the United States Environmental Protection Agency-identified threshold for hearing loss, sleep deprivation and stress.