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Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, November 14, 2012
Some pranks are harmless, but some can get you into trouble. This Children’s Day, TV actors Manish Paul, Samir Kochhar, Rashami Desai Sandhu, Karan Tacker, Ragini Khanna and Giaa Manek reveal their choicest childhood memories of mischief. Karan Tacker
“As a student, I recall scaling the wall of my school around mid-day to meet the girls from another school located nearby. This one time, I got caught by our principal while I was climbing the wall and I was given detention. Here’s wishing everyone a very happy and notorious Children’s Day. Stay mischievous.”

Rashami Desai Sandhu
“My mom is a teacher and she has always been academically inclined, but I used to run away from my books. One day, when my mom was away, I draped her dupatta around me and started dancing to some of Madhuri Dixit’s songs. I was so carried away that I didn’t realise when my mom returned. I remember the beating I got. I was neglecting my studies, that’s why she was angry.”

Samir Kochhar
“When I was a kid, I decided to drive my dad’s car. Seated on the driver’s seat, I got the keys ready. I didn’t realise the intricacies of driving. I expected everything to work on its own once the keys were in. Luckily, my driver saw me struggling and came to my rescue. God knows what could’ve happened. My family still shudders at that thought.”

Manish Paul
“As kids, my brother and I were playing on the terrace of my grandfather’s textile factory. We were burning pieces of paper and flinging them from the terrace, not realising that there was a lot of cloth drying on the ground floor. Then we started burning plastic, a piece of which landed on the cloth. Within seconds, the whole yard was on fire. Though we didn’t lose much, we were petrified. We didn’t tell anyone about it for the next eight years.”

Ragini Khanna
“I was a complete geek in school, but I loved eating in between classes. I would also often doze off seated on the last bench. And if my homework was ever not done in time, I would come up with the weirdest reasons to get me out of trouble.” 

Giaa Manek
“I was a bratty student in school. During the rainy season, I would love to go and play near this small pond that was located near our school. Students were forbidden from going close to it because it was really dirty and the area around was infested by rats. I remember picking up a rat once and putting it in my tiffin box to scare a teacher. The look on her face was hilarious when she screamed.”