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Shama Bhagat, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, November 14, 2012
Bollywood actors and directors were not always as disciplined as they claim they are now. Find out what mischief they were upto as kids. 

Sajid Khan
“As a kid, I used to collect money using donation forms. Whenever someone gave me 10 rupees, I would erase the zero and submit just one rupee. In school, I loved entertaining everyone with stories and songs. I would narrate tales and then in return, I’d ask the audience for a pencil, pen or eraser. Once the teachers found out what I was upto, they started keeping an hour aside for my story narrations and asked me to do some mimicry every day.”

Farah Khan
“My brother Sajid was a mad kid. Once when he was 14, someone beat him up. I was 19 and I went to the bully’s house, but he wasn’t there, so we smashed his bike. The next day, the cops came by to ask us who was responsible.”
Actress Vidya Balan

Priyanka Chopra
“I schooled abroad for some time. We had to submit certain projects with every paper. I was bad at maths and had to submit my school project. I was not prepared. There was this boy who had a crush on me, so, he gave me his project and I submitted it to the teacher. However, she found out about it and called my parents. Eventually, the entire school found out. That was when my father told me never to take such shortcuts in life.”

Vivek Oberoi
“I was a really naughty student. I was punished several times, and my teachers always held me responsible for anything that went wrong in school. Many a times, I used to sneak into the staff room and eat the teachers’ lunch.”

Vidya Balan
“I was bad at sewing and knitting in school. Since we had to submit a project that involved these skills, I borrowed my friend’s work and submitted it. My teacher was initially sceptical, but she gave me marks. But the next day, my friend submitted the same work and I got caught.  However, I apologised and got off easy.”

Sonu Sood
“When I was seven-years old, I decided to take my friends for a drive. Obviously, I didn’t know how to drive, so I turned the ignition on and started the car. Since I didn’t know how to drive, I banged the car into a tree. None of us were hurt, thankfully. But my parents punished me. They did not let me play with my friends for a week.”

Aftab Shivdasani
“When I was in school, I used to go swimming with my friend at the club pool, the deadline for which was 1 pm. We were known to break rules and often stayed in till 3 pm. We would have soft drinks and also eat there. One weekend, for fun, we decided to throw all the chairs in the pool. Not a single piece of furniture was left. Eventually, we were both suspended from the club.”