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London, November 16, 2012
Irish doctors and protesters have joined the growing clamour for a change in the abortion laws in the country. Leading consultant obstetrician Dr Peter Boylan said that Irish abortion laws have become "like a sword of Damocles" hanging over doctors, because there are grey areas where they were left at risk of committing a criminal offence.

"Politicians need to act. We need to start acting like an adult state and get on with it," The Independent quoted Boylan, as saying.

The calls protesting for the change of laws come after an Indian dentist, Savita Halappanavar, died after she was refused a termination of her pregnancy.

According to the paper, several women shook with anger during the protests on Eyre Square in Galway as they spoke of the fate of Halappanavar.

"It's awful, it's a disaster. I just feel very upset about it, as an awful lot of people do. We have to legislate so that it never happens again," one protester said.

Some blame the medical profession but most anger was focused on the politicians who, it was widely said, had for two decades run away from clarifying abortion law, the paper said.

After the Halappanavar case roused public anger, government minister Brian Hayes admitted that the issue has "festered away for many years", and said that there was a resolve in the cabinet, adding that "action in some shape or form will follow", the paper added.