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Washington, November 17, 2012
Kim Kardashian received serious backlash after she posted a tweet supporting Israel, and declaring to her almost 17 million followers that she was Praying for everyone in Israel. The reality star’s tweet was followed with a number of death threats with one writing, Die in hell.
Another called the E! sensation a “bit*h” who “should die there,” while others went even further. Less brutal detractors said they had lost all respect for her, were giving her “he middle finger, and called her a “disgrace to her people” and outright “disgusting,” Fox News reported. Others told her she should be praying for Palestine, not Israel.
According to Twitchy.com, which archives all tweets even if a user deletes them, five minutes after the initial post, Kardashian attempted to appease her haters with the follow-up tweet: “praying for everyone in Palestine and across the world!”

Both tweets were soon deleted from her account, but the derision lived on.
“Hahaha @KimKardashian deleted her tweets, must have had SERIOUS backlash from her idiotic uninformed tweets,” wrote one, while another called her a dumb idiot who "shouldn’t talk about what she doesn’t understand."