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Jatin Anand, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, November 18, 2012
A day after his elder brother's first alleged attempt at forcibly occupying a property he had a legal right to own, Hardeep Chadha, his family claimed, had more than a premonition that worse was in store.

So much so that, said one of his close family members Taranjeet Singh, Hardeep had requested police assistance immediately after getting wind of Ponty's alleged second attempt at 'snatching' his farmhouse.

Police sources claimed, the beginning of the end had materialised as early as Friday evening during Ponty's first alleged attempt at forcibly occupying the farmhouse Hardeep had 'won' in a court case.."Hardeep knew that Ponty had gone through all the trouble for only one thing - his death. He knew he would be killed. He knew it was all planned down to the most minute of details," Singh said. The police said they received the first intimation about the episode, which later transformed into a gunbattle, around 11:30 am as soon as Ponty descended on the farmhouse - and that too by Hardeep himself.

An hour later, there was another call - this time informing them about the deaths of both the brothers as the object of their enmity, 42, Central Drive at DLF Chhatarpur, silently stood in the background.

"Around 40 shots from three different weapons, all of which were licensed, were fired. The weapons ranged from .9mm pistols and .32 bore pistols to an AK 47," an officer said.

"It's a tragedy, neither brother wanted to do this to the other. Ponty couldn't even lift a glass of water by himself," Singh said.