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Tarsem Singh Deogan, Hindustan Times
Ludhiana, November 24, 2012
Thinking of buying a second-hand vehicle? Well, think again, as you might end up paying more than the price of the vehicle in tax to transfer the ownership.
The Punjab government has increased the transfer-of-ownership tax by up to 300%. Effective from Friday, the November 6 notification was received here earlier this week.

Signed by HPS Mahal, secretary in the state department of legal affairs, the discreet move means that to shift the ownership of a two-wheeler, the tax has gone up to Rs. 2,500, from the earlier Rs. 30.

For three-wheelers, it goes up from Rs. 150, straight into five figures at Rs. 10,000. And if you want to shift the ownership of a car or jeep, the fee now is 30,000 - no less than 300 times the previous tax of Rs. 100!

For six-wheelers like trucks and buses, the fee is now half-a-lakh, up from Rs. 300.

As for vehicles that have more wheels than six, the tax is now Rs. 75,000. This category would, however, also include tractors other than the 'agricultural tractors' as defined in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989. Tax for agricultural tractors has been set at Rs. 5,000.

However, no additional tax would be levied in case of transfer of ownership owing to death, or transfer to insurance company for settlement of claim.

Ludhiana district transport officer (DTO) Manpreet Singh Chhatwal said he had received the notification, and would comply with the orders from Friday.

As for vehicles on which the lump sum tax was not payable earlier, the tax would be computed by reducing the transfer-of-ownership charges by 5% per financial year, for up to 10 years from the date of registration. As such, the lump sum tax must not exceed Rs. 75,000 after 10 years.

Harsh bargain

What you will now pay to govt for transfer of ownership of vehicles:

Vehicle type                        Earlier             Now
Scooters, bikes                      R30                R2,500
3-wheelers                             R150              R10,000
Cars, jeeps                            R100              R30,000
6-wheel trucks, buses            R300              R50,000