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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, November 24, 2012
The Rajya Sabha select committee tabled its report in the House on Friday, potentially determining the way forward.

* Amended lokpal bill proposed by the select committee will have to be debated in the House. * Amended parliamentary procedure gives primacy to select committees over all other panels and it is mandatory to put their recommendations before the House for discussion and passing.

* Amended In case the government does not agree with any of the select committee’s recommendations, the onus is on it to seek changes by moving amendments.

* The government has indicated it is happy with the select committee report.

* The panel has delinked setting-up of lokayuktas in states from the lokpal bill.

* It has proposed appointment of CBI director by an independent panel comprising the PM, leader of the opposition in Lok Sabha and Chief Justice of India.

* It has asked for creation of prosecution director’s post in CBI and fixed tenures for him and  the CBI director. 

* Lokpal would have jurisdiction only over NGOs, trusts and charitable societies receiving donations from government.