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November 24, 2012
Thinking of buying an expensive piece of lingerie for your girlfriend? Take your pick carefully if you don’t want it to keep lying in her drawers forever. In worst cases, it could even get you a slap on your cheeks. A new study says that millions of women are left disappointed by the choice of lingerie men buy as gift to spice up their love-life. The study says that one in five women refuse to wear their partner’s choice of sensual underwear because it was ‘the wrong size, impractical or simply not sexy.’

Despite the expense, almost one in four women also admitted they only slipped on their present just once before it languished “unworn and unloved” in a drawer. And many found real-life attempts to introduce risque underwear into the bedroom a turn-off.

The One Poll survey conducted online in Britain, found two-in-three had been given lingerie but that crotchless knickers were garments they dreaded receiving the most. Almost six in ten admitted leather or PVC underwear were an unpopular choice, followed by edible panties and fishnet-style lingerie.

The scene is no different in India. “Men hardly know what is right for women when it comes to lingerie. They can’t really tell between kinky and sexy, and keep getting wrong stuff for their girlfriends,” says stylist Dolly Gupta. What she advises men is to make sensible choices, that can be worn everyday. Also apart from making sure to get the size right, do keep your woman’s personality and style choices in  mind.  

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