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Press Trust Of India
New Delhi, November 25, 2012
There was no utilisation certificate provided for expenditure of over Rs. 400 crore by various government civic agencies between 2008-11 under Member of Legislative Assembly Local Area Development (MLA LAD) scheme in New Delhi, according to an RTI reply.

The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi had framed a plan scheme 'strengthening and augmentation of infrastructure facilities in each Assembly Constituency' commonly known as MLA LAD scheme.

Under this, the Urban Development Department has released funds amounting to Rs. 40476.11 lakh (about Rs. 404.76 cr) during 2008-09 to 2010-11.

"During audit it was noticed that in 70 constituencies, the funds amounting to Rs. 40476.11 lakh were released during 2008-09 to 2010-11 to 19 agencies.

"However, no accounts were submitted by these agencies to the Urban Development department. In absence of the accounts it may not be ensured whether these funds were fully utilised or not and how much funds are lying unutilised with the agencies," a CAG draft audit for 2010-11, copy of which was provided under RTI to advocate Vivek Garg, said.

No utilisation certificate for about Rs. 8354.08 lakh (Rs 83.54 cr) in 2010-11, Rs. 11675.27 lakh (Rs 116.75 cr) during 2009-10 and Rs. 11043.66 lakh (Rs 110.43 cr) in 2008-09 released to Municipal Corporation Delhi was not provided, it said.

Besides, utilisation certificate for Rs. 577.6 lakh (Rs 57.7 cr) during 2010-11, Rs. 920.08 lakh (Rs 92 cr) in 2009-10 and Rs. 292 lakh (Rs 29 cr) during 2008-09 released to Delhi Jal Board was not given, the CAG draft said.

It also mentioned an outstanding of Rs. 233.06 lakh (Rs 23.3 cr) for 2010-11, Rs. 297.83 lakh (Rs 29.7 cr) for 2009-10 and  Rs. 370.4 lakh (Rs 37 cr) against New Delhi Municipal Council in the absence of no utilisation certificate.

Whereas, no utilisation certificate for Rs. 23.45 lakh in 2010-11, Rs. 162.92 lakh (Rs 16.2 cr) during 2009-10 and Rs. 21.07 lakh in 2008-09 expenditure by Delhi Development Authority was not provided, it said.

The total outstanding amount of Rs. 11695.16 lakh (Rs 116.9 cr) in 2010-11, Rs. 14818.78 lakh (Rs 148.1 cr) during 2009-10 and Rs. 13962.17 lakh (Rs 139.6 cr) in 2008-09 by different central and Delhi Government agencies was mentioned by the CAG during its audit in the absence of utilisation certificate.

"The Government should act and ensure that utilisation certificates for all expenditure under the MLA LAD scheme is put in public domain," Garg said.

An utilisation certificate act as a proof of expenditure.

"Efforts may be made to obtain the expenditure statement from the agencies for the period mentioned above (2008-09 to 2010-11) and even earlier period also so that the amount of unspent balance could be ascertained under intimation to audit," the draft audit said.