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Press Trust Of India
London, November 26, 2012
Scientists have developed a new drug which they claim can put cancerous cells to sleep to stop them from multiplying. The drug called Aflibercept tricks tumours into becoming dormant by flipping molecular switches in the structure of the cancer so it cannot spread. Positive results are being seen already in the UK, where trials have seen patients enjoy a “significant” extension of life, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.

More than 1,400 patients were involved in trials, with some participants with advanced bowel cancer who had already had chemotherapy prolonged life by two years. Scientists think the drug could be used across a range of different cancers.

A report in the Journal of Clinical Oncology said Aflibercept had a ‘statistically significant survival benefit’ compared to conventional drug regimes treating bowel cancer that had spread after initial treatment.  pti