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Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, November 27, 2012
While new entries and elements are a regular occurrence on the reality TV show Bigg Boss 6, there is yet another surprise for the inmates and spectators. Comedienne Bharti Singh will enter the reality show soon, but only as a guest. She will be present in the house only for a few hours.

Excited to go into the Bigg Boss house, Bharti says, “I am looking forward to meeting everyone as I have been watching the contestants on the show. I have just landed from Bangkok and will be in the house to do a fun task called Ignore The Obvious. During the task, the inmates won’t be able to talk or react to me, while I’ll be free to do whatever I want. I’ll be there in the house only for three to four hours.”

The comedienne, who is popular for her jokes and pranks, will entertain the housemates and also irritate them by spilling coffee, messing up their beds and hiding their shoes. During this task, the contestants will have no option but to ignore her.

“It will be a difficult task for them as well as for me because they’ll fail if they react and I’ll fail if they don’t. Let’s see what happens. I am most eager to trouble Rajev Paul, as he loves interacting with girls,” says an excited Bharti.