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Press Trust Of India
Islamabad, November 28, 2012
Pakistan on Wednesday successfully test fired the nuclear-capable Hatf-V ballistic missile with a range of 1,300 km that could hit targets deep inside India, with the military saying the launch was aimed at strengthening the country’s deterrence capability. A statement from the military described the test as a “training launch” conducted by a strategic missile group of the Army Strategic Force Command.
The test of the medium range ballistic missile, also known as the Ghauri, marked the culmination of a field training exercise aimed at testing the operational readiness of the Army Strategic Force Command.

The Ghauri is a “liquid fuel missile which can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads over a distance of 1,300 km,” the statement said. http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/Popup/2012/11/29_11_12-metro14e.jpg