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Robin Bansal , Hindustan Times
New Delhi, November 28, 2012
There’s a lot about him that you don’t know and don’t remember. There’s a lot you’ll be surprised to read and particularly in this case experience, in the form of illustrations, if you read this well-packaged chronicle on the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

His struggle from a self-learned individual to an honest, respected man of deeds and wisdom – the publisher gives one a crash course into the life of one of history’s most respected names. The book aptly sticks to its motto “to entertain and educate young minds”, as it meanders into a first person narrative by Lincoln.

The language is short, crisp, factually correct and the graphics gel with the content, which just might work as a replacement for the tedious text books in schools. History never seemed so easy, interesting and visually enticing. This book is for keeps and a must read for both parents and children of all ages.

Graphic Novel: Abraham Lincoln — From the log cabin to the White House
Price: Rs. 195
Publisher: Campfire