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Neha Arora, Hindustan Times
Jalandhar, November 28, 2012
The state government has started a process to identify government school teachers, who are physically and mentally unfit. Such teachers would then be terminated.
Director general of school education Kahan Singh Pannu said that some teachers had lost ability to do the job, due to physical or mental instability, but were still holding on to their jobs.

On the DGSE's instructions, all block education and district education officers had started a survey to identify unfit teachers in government schools under their jurisdiction.

Pannu said: "A few teachers are likely to be found blind, handicapped, paralyzed, epileptic and even those who cannot speak properly. We have to see if the teachers can continue their jobs. I quizzed some students once and they said that they were unable to understand a single word of what some of the speakers said in the class."

He added that such teachers were not doing justice to their students.

"Today, students are suffering. To ensure quality education, teachers need to be alert and healthy. With unfit teachers, quality education suffers and students waste a lot of their time. For a student's future, we need to ensure that only fit and passionate teachers are allowed to teach."

Cases of teachers found unfit would be referred to the medical board.

"There is a provision of pre-mature retirement, if teachers are not fit to work. Hardworking teachers would be transferred to other departments. Services of those found unfit would be terminated. However, the department would refer all such cases to the social welfare department," he said.