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Cairo, November 28, 2012
Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court accused President Mohamed Morsi of taking part in a campaign against the court, heightening tensions between the Islamist leader and parts of the judiciary. “The really sad thing that has pained the members of this court is when the president of the republic joined, in a painful surprise, the campaign of continuous attack on the constitutional court,” said the court’s spokesman, Maher Samy.

He told reporters that Morsi had accused the court in a speech on Friday of leaking verdicts before a formal announcement. The court issued a ruling this year declaring the Islamist-led parliament void, leading to its dissolution.   

Hundreds of protesters were in Cairo’s Tahrir Square for a sixth day on Wednesday, demanding that Morsi rescind a decree they say gives him dictatorial powers.
Five months into the Islamist leader’s term, and in scenes reminiscent of the popular uprising that unseated predecessor Hosni Mubarak last year, police fired teargas at stone-throwers.