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Hindustan Times
November 29, 2012
Planning to buy a book online? Well, here're a few tips.

1 Buy wisely: Never rely on a single site as prices and discounts vary across sites. A smart shopper should bookmark some sites, and go for the best price om offer.

2 Price pattern: If you are opting for an international edition of a book, check out the price and availability of Indian editions too. Many sites don’t bother to put them up and charge higher than the price of the book.

3 Bundle it up: Get the facts right for the free shipping limit. Most online shops do not offer greater discounts for individual purchases but box sets and combo offers are usually good and economic deals.

4 Read the review: Read reviews, though some may contain spoilers, and then make up your mind. Check out a few neutral book review sites whose suggestions have stood you in good stead in the past. Don’t go by hype alone.

5 Do your homework: Most sites only highlight a few, popular reads. If you are looking for books that are not bestsellers, check out the newsletters of different publishing houses or literary sites.

(With inputs by Gunjan Veda, CEO, INDIAreads.com)