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December 01, 2012
And she does it again! Rihanna is known for doing wicked stuff, posting random pictures and weird comments on Twitter.

But this time around she went a little too far perhaps in an attempt to draw attention.

The R&B singer, who has of late been posting spiritual quotes and truisms, went ahead and called God a 'nigga' (slang and colloquial for Black people) on the micro-blogging site.

The tweet read: God is THAT nigga tho!!! Soon after her post, fans and followers' reactions started pouring in. And guess what... they don't seem to mind the post at all. Here's what they replied:

@Casellono: WtF!!? lol

@kRiSsHeLz: who you telling??? Lol

@HOTKOOLVICIOUS: @rihanna praise HIM!!!!!

@Famous_DivaSham: @rihanna lmao... and you is that bitch

@hannahmonks0x: @rihanna I love you remember that ?? lol

@Durags4Eva: He made sure you escaped the Jaws of death when Chrissy was punching your skull.He really is that nigga

@2bRaay: and you know this pimpin!

When we last checked, Rihanna got 4,077 retweets and 1,272 favorites on the same post.