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December 02, 2012
Men and women share strikingly similar views of what constitutes the ideal shape, with both saying women should aspire to being slim-waisted but curvy, a study has found. What might not have been so obvious, was that it was women who chose the curvier body.

When it came to the ideal male body, both sexes also agree that it would be muscular, with a narrow waist and wide shoulders and chest, the classic V-shaped torso, the Daily mail reported. However, men’s ideal male body had a bulkier chest and bigger thighs than the version given by women.

Celebrities that fit the female ideal include Kelly Brook, while Daniel Craig and Sir Chris Hoy embody male physical perfection. Findings reveal that both sexes selected images of women with a body mass index of around 19, while the ideal images of men were at the top with a BMI of 25.