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Nidhi Varma, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, December 05, 2012
The Government of Maharashtra has come up with a GMFT panel under the chairmanship of Dr.Anil Kakodkar, nuclear scientist at Homi Babha to sanction NOC the field trials of GM crops.

Field trials are believed to harmful to soil, crops and the environment at large, say activists.

"Field trials pose threat of contamination of surrounding crops and soil," said Kapil Shah from Jatan.

The union's plea is to have a diverse panel consisting of expertise from all horizons. "The committee should include panelists with sound knowledge on biotechonology, situation of farmers and also citizens," said Kavitha Kuruganti, convener, ASHA. She also added that there is no possible policy directive in place to monitor or stop such experiments.

Shah commented, "We are not against development and biotechnology but transgenic and GMO is uncontrollable, irreversible and imprecise technology."

Many Mumbaitees have chosen to be a part of this union.

 "I have chosen to be a part of this initiative as it concerns the food we eat to sustain and survive," said Tejal Vishweshwar, citizen. She wishes to continue her participation to spread awareness and voice the concerns and anxieties of the common regarding the issue of GMO.