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Usmeet Kaur
December 05, 2012
How often is it that you find the best of Punjabi comedians get together at one place to commence the shoot of their next film? HT City gets talking with comedians and character actors Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla and Binnu Dhillon, before they begin shooting in and around Chandigarh for their upcoming film, Jatts in Golmaal. The actors talk about the role of comedy in Punjabi films and their responsibility them.

Gurpreet Ghuggi

“I am the kind of actor who gets in the skin of the character to be played. As a comic actor, I have observed that the respect for comedians has risen in the past four to five years, and it’s showing in the finances as well! It is because of veterans such as Jaspal Bhatti and Vivek Shauq, that we enjoy a respectable stature. From now on, whatever work I do, will be dedicated to these geniuses, who taught us intellectual humor.”

Jaswinder Bhalla

“Carry on Jatta is one Punjabi film that revolutionised comedy in the Punjabi film industry. Punjabi films have set a trend of comedy now and the audience has higher expectations from us; we take that as a challenge.

It is a great time to be a comedian right now and we should keep that up. My signature lines, such as ‘sadda patola sathon aula’ and ‘main kaala coat avein hi nai paya’ leave an impact on the audience; thus, I would like to stick to my style. Financially too, we have progressed, as no Punjabi film is now complete without comedians.”

Binnu Dhillon

“Not just for the comedians, but also for actors—it’s the right time to be a part of Punjabi cinema, since there is a lot of work, and thus, numerous job possibilities.

Initially, visuals could make the audience laugh, then came stand-up comedy and now is the time for situational comedy. As a comedian, it’s my moral duty to be a role model. I have a principle of not promoting vulgar comedy. There are times when more money is offered, but I’m not looking for short-lived fame at the cost of my principles. But, all in all, the time to be a comedian in this industry is just perfect. When I started, I used to get paid in a few hundreds and now I’m getting paid in lakhs!”