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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 05, 2012
Actor Katrina Kaif seems to have taken her nickname too seriously. Kat-woman, dressed in an all-black figure hugging, sheer outfit, stepped out that way to board a flight from Mumbai to Delhi on Tuesday.

The 28-year-old was caught at the airport by the paparazzi, and her see-through black top with the ruffly lapel didn’t make things better.

The light bounced off her shimmery lingerie, giving passers by quite a view as she chose to do a quick cover-up for her face with her tablet.

Onlookers, half bedazzled and half amused, couldn’t help take their eyes off the breeches and boots-clad diva as she dodged all the attention.

“Okay, we know she’s hot stuff, but wearing that flimsy see-through thing at an airport really wasn’t a good idea. That too while coming to Delhi in this weather,” said Nishi Rai, 21, a fan.