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Press Trust of India, PTI
Houston, June 17, 2004
Want to look gorgeous, stunning and attractive without spending a fortune on face-lifts or major surgical procedures? Follow a few simple rules through your 20's and 30's and you will never complain, cosmetologists say. "Avoid the sun, put down that cigarette and don't drink too much coffee," says Dr Greg Branham, director, facial plastic surgery, Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

According to Dr Branham, "more younger people are starting to get cosmetic surgery or other services now and in some cases, these procedures could have been avoided or at least postponed had the patient taken better care of his or her skin".

"It's important for people to realise that the more you maintain your skin, especially when you're in your 20s and 30s, the less you'll have to overhaul when you get older," Branham says.

"So get on a skin care programme now, and you can hold off on the major cosmetic procedures later," he says.