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Agence France-Presse
December 06, 2012
For the second year running, LinkedIn has named "creative" as the most overused word on users' profiles worldwide.

LinkedIn's number of users may have grown by 37% to 187 million over the last year, but it's clear that the LinkedIn lexicon hasn't grown at the same pace. Along with "creative," which retains the top spot as users' most overused word worldwide, other perennial favorites such as "effective" and "motivated" were not far behind.

However, there was some country-to-country variation, with "analytical" being the most commonly used word in Switzerland, while "motivated" was favored by Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and the UK. France and Italy preferred "responsible" and the Spanish used "specialized" most often. In Egypt and Indonesia, "multinational" was the most overused word, Indian users described themselves as "effective" and in Brazil "experimental" took the top spot.

Focusing on the US, the site's largest user base, the top three buzzwords were "creative," "organizational" and "effective" (as in 2011). However, in ninth place, "analytical" made its first appearance in the list and "motivated" moved to fourth, above 2010's number-one buzz phrase, "extensive experience."

US LinkedIn users' top 10 buzzwords
1 Creative
2 Oranizational
3 Effective
4 Motivated
5 Extensive Experience
6 Track Record
7 Innovative
8 Responsible
9 Analytical
10 Problem solving