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Faizan Haider, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 08, 2012
In what could only be the tip of an iceberg of a trafficking racket being run from the Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, the Delhi Police have arrested an Air India employee for issuing boarding pass to international passengers without verifying their details. A Delhi Police head constable is also allegedly involved in the racket; he used to help the passengers in clearing the immigration check. He is currently untraceable.

"Both the Air India employee and the policeman were in touch with an agent who used to send people abroad for employment. Since the passengers used to have employment visa, they would require emigration check at the airport. At the airport, the airline employee used to give them a boarding pass without any verification and the constable, who was with the immigration authority, used to clear them for boarding the aircraft," a senior police officer said.

The Air India employee, Rahul Roy, was arrested on Saturday. Police said on December 5, one Sikinametla Ganesh was offloaded from his Kuwait (via Dubai) flight and on his complaint a case was registered. Ganesh was going to Kuwait on employment visa.

"Ganesh got in touch with some agents in Hyderabad, who misguided him by saying that he cannot go directly to Kuwait on an employment visa. They assured him to arrange clearance at Delhi airport and charged R28,000 from him," he added.

The agent asked him to reach Delhi on December 3. In Delhi, he met other passengers who had paid agents Rs. 50,000- 1 lakh for clearance. "The immigration officer was in continuous touch with the passengers after entering the terminal. The constable collected the boarding pass from Roy and handed it over to the passengers," he added.

Investigation revealed that the racket was on for the past one year.