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Press Trust Of India
London, December 13, 2012
British architects have proposed the concept of 'smart' houses that can metamorphosise into eight different configurations to adapt to seasonal, meteorological and even astronomical conditions.

For instance, in the summer plan, bedroom one faces eastand watches the Sun rise as its inhabitant wakes up. It can then rotate so that the user is constantly in sunlight, while the house generates energy through its solar panels.

 The revolutionary house is based on the work of an early 20th Century mathematician who discovered a way to dissect a square and rearrange its parts into an equilateral triangle, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

The flexibility of the house allows adaptation from winter to summer and day to night by literally moving inside itself.

Thick heavy external walls unfold into internal walls allowing glass internal walls to become facades  doors can become windows, and vice versa.

The layout consists of two bedrooms, an open-plan living room and a bathroom, but it too can be adapted to suit the needs of different living situations. British architects David Grunberg and Daniel Woolfson, who launched the D Haus company to develop the concept.