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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, December 13, 2012
Sports is good for children's overall mental and physical growth. But it seems parents these days do not agree with it. Nearly 60% children surveyed in a national report said their parents did not encourage them to participate in sports. At least 41% said they have never read a storybook.

The findings were part of a survey conducted by  channel Cartoon Network on children’s habits, hobbies and icons.

The survey covered 26 cities, 3,700 parents and 3,100 children between the ages of seven and 14 over a span of two months.

According to the survey report, 45% parents did not motivate their children to participate in sports. “Maybe it’s because parents think the children should focus on studies,” said Chandrika Katya, whose daughter studies in Class 11.

Less than 50% parents said they had played with their children in the past week. “Parental pressure on children to pursue academic success may produce children with imbalanced personal development,” said Kamini Rege, assistant professor, College of Home Science Nirmala Niketan, specialising in human development.

In children between the ages of four and six, nearly 26% were found to be taking tuitions, while 44% of those aged between seven and 14 took coaching.

While reading a book was an alien concept for many, all of them had watched TV at least once. “Most of their work is done on the internet and through audio-visual material,” said Kavita Aggarwal, principal of DG Khetan International School, Malad.

About 63% of parents said they “sometimes” monitored their child’s internet habits. “I keep a watch on what they are doing,” said Seema Parekh, a parent of two. “I feel it is better to keep a watch.”