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New Delhi, December 17, 2012
If noted writer and Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar is to be believed, more and more youngsters seem to be entering the arena of art and adopting it as their full-time career.

"Almost everyday I get invited for some exhibition or other where young artists are showcasing their talent. We have finally realised we are missing something in the race of prosperity. There is a kind of resurgence in society which is very good", said Akhtar.

The prolific litterateur was in the city to inaugurate Journey- a solo exhibition by Sudip Roy at a gallery here last evening.

Roy who worked in the design world says he had to struggle in his early years facing disapproval from his family before plunging into his present career as a full-time freelance artist.

However, nowadays the thinking is changing, he says.

"The art scene in India is much better and more mature than what it was before. My family was initially not happy with this work but today I have allowed my son to indulge in this as he too wants to take it up as a full time career", says Roy.

He hopes it is the same with everyone who is interested in this art.

"I also believe that compared to yesteryears, the period of struggle is quite less because of the opportunities available and also because this career option is becoming more and more commercial", he says.

An example of how the youth is not only pursuing this art but also is interested in developing deep understanding of this can be found in Mona Singh, a student of Fine Arts and Painting in Delhi, says the artist.

"I am a follower of Sudip Roy's work. The serenity in his paintings helps me in understanding this art. He gives life to all his paintings", says Mona who had come to witness the show by Roy.

"Journey" is a retrospective show of Roy's body of work till date. It was hosted in various other cities across the country before having its last leg in Delhi.

From watercolours to abstract it encapsulated all the forms Roy has adopted in his career path so far. The audience was seen appreciating all his paintings and drawings that bore tiles such as Gateway of Dreams, Banaras and Charulata.

Former coal minister Santosh Bagrodia was also present at the launch.