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Indo-Asian News Service
December 18, 2012
Actor Tena Desae, who is gearing up for the release for her new film Table No.21 says, not just script, it is important for her to understand the entire setup of the film before signing on the dotted line. “You can’t just base it on a script...the promotional activity of the film is equally important, so until I know the setup is strong, I don’t want to do any film,” the actress told IANS.

She admits smaller setups today have the best scripts. “The smaller setups have all the good scripts. But when you go to a big setup, the character may not be as strong as you would want it to be. So I am looking for a character, which is strong and so is the setup,” she said. At the end of the day, success of the film matters most, rather than individual actors, feels Tena. “I think it is more about success and failure. If you are a part of a successful film, no one says she is a bad actor. Everyone goes into a project hoping that the script is good and hopes that it transforms the same way on celluloid as well. But no one can predict how it will turn,” she said.