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Agence France-Presse
December 19, 2012
Peter Molyneux's revisitation of video game classic Populous has taken the form of Godus, a Kickstarter project with not long to go to reach its funding goal.
With the fundraising period to end on December 21, by December 18 Godus stood at £370,000 (about $601,000) raised of a £450,000 (about $731,500) target that will drive development of the iOS, Android, Windows and Mac game.

Players take on the role of a god, starting off with a modest two followers each, but with the correct cues -- as gods mold landscapes into shape -- the populace grows, favelas expand, and opposing tribes may end up getting a little too close for comfort.

With regular video, art, and development updates popping up on Godus's Kickstarter page, it's the hope of staff at 22cans studio that the right sort of fan engagement can help push Godus past its fundraising target.