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Abhishek Sharan, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 19, 2012
A youth, arrested along with three others for allegedly raping and brutalising a physiotherapy intern and assaulting her male friend on a bus on Sunday, was greeted with expletives by Tihar jail inmates on his arrival there on Wednesday. The accused — Mukesh Singh — was shifted to a high-security ward in sub-jail No. 4 on his arrival by the jail authorities over security reasons, a source said. Personnel belonging to the Tamil Nadu special police guard the high-security ward — there is one at each of the 10 sub-jails — while cameras are used to monitor activities of the inmates, said the source.

“The alleged rapist was sworn at and jeered by other inmates from the moment he was put in a van to transport them to the jail from the court. The accused sought help of the security guards for protection," said the source.

The source added, "As it happens inside jails, a rapist is hated and looked down upon as filth by other inmates charged with offences including murder."

On his arrival, as per rule, Singh was asked to provide his identity particulars and was examined by a doctor. The accused kept a low profile, his gaze fixed on the ground and chose not to interact with other inmates, said the source.

Singh will attend a test identification parade on Thursday at the sub-jail that will be conducted by a metropolitan magistrate.