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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 20, 2012
Doctors at Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital removed intestines of the 23-year-old gangrape victim to contain early signs of infection she was showing, in a two-hour surgery on Wednesday morning. Doctors said a major portion of the victim's intestines were permanently damaged during the brutal sexual assault she was subjected to in a moving bus on Sunday night.

The surgery started at 10am and, though the doctors claimed she withstood the procedure fairly well, her condition still remains critical.

"We performed gastrostomy --- creation of an artificial external opening into the stomach for nutritional support, and duodenostomy --- formation of a permanent opening into the duodenum through the abdominal wall, which was absolutely necessary to save her life," said Dr BD Athani, medical superintendent, Safdarjung Hospital.

She is on ventilator in the intensive care unit of the hospital. "Her vital parameters --- blood pressure, urine output, pulse rate, etc., are within acceptable range and we hope she doesn't develop any complications," said Dr Athani.

Doctors treating her said all the measures that could be taken to save her life have already been taken. "There is no surgery to be planned in the coming week. It's wait and watch now to see how stable she stays," said Dr Athani.

The girl was operated under general anaesthesia and that is why could not write notes as she did on Tuesday. However, before she was being wheeled into the operation theatre early in the morning, when tubes were being changed, she spoke briefly to her mother and brother. "She was coherent and legible. Alertness had never been our concern as she was alert even when put on morphine," said a doctor.

Doctors commended her spirit as she had stood about three hours of ordeal before being brought to the hospital late on Sunday night. "It says a lot about her inner strength," said Dr Athani.

The girl had given her physiotherapy exams and was awaiting result in January. She was interning in a private city hospital.