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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 20, 2012
Today, 7,315 cops are dedicated to keep just 416 of you safe, often bolster your ego, sometimes even run your errands. If some of them were on Delhi streets on Sunday night, the 23-year-old girl would perhaps not have been gangraped on a moving bus in south Delhi and dumped to die.

Bringing about effective policing is the first in our five-point campaign (details on Page 2) beginning today for a safer Delhi and NCR for women. As part of our ‘HT For Delhi’ series, we will strike hard at issues, hold authorities responsible, and try to bring positive change. We begin with a demand to downsize — not do away with — the number of cops set aside for often-wasteful VIP duty.

Of the 83,762 Delhi Police personnel, nearly 45,000 are not available for policing. Besides those on VIP duty, there are thousands assisting civic agencies on sealing and demolition drives, or carrying out verification of domestic workers. http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/Popup/2012/12/20_12_12-metro2b.jpg

With cops busy doing odd jobs, their presence on the street, which acts as a deterrent for criminals, is very thin.

Delhi Police seniors say that only 32,000 are posted at police stations.

This means one policeman for every 500 ordinary Delhiites. If the entire force were to protect citizens, the ratio would jump to one cop for 200-odd citizens.

As a young girl battles for her life in a Delhi hospital, it’s time to act.