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Shailesh Gaikwad
Nagpur, December 20, 2012
The state government is rethinking its plan to build a memorial to Shivaji in the Arabian Sea off the Mumbai coast.
Of the three options it has, the government is considering a plot in Worli. “Building a memorial in the sea is not feasible. It will be very difficult to get environmental clearances as it may damage the marine ecology. It is better to build the memorial at some other place, preferably a seafront,” a government official said, requesting anonymity.

The government is considering three options — its dairy at the Worli seafront, Worli fort or a plot in Wadala.

Of them, the dairy, situated on a 17-acre plot, seems to be the best option, the official said. “The dairy may be shifted to Kurla,” he said.

A British-era fort at Worli-Koliwada is another option, but the place is small and has several encroachments. Besides, getting permission from the ASI would be tedious, the official said.

The BJP and the Shiv Sena have objected to the government’s plan. “The Congress-NCP government had promised to build the memorial during the election [in 2004]. Why were they fooling the people?”  said BJP legislator Devendra Fadnavis.