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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Lucknow, December 20, 2012
It’s party time with Christmas and New Year around. But, nutritionists and health experts caution people against dangers of overeating. Long weekends or family vacations are a time when everyone wants to fully enjoy and look out for their favourite cuisine. During holidays and that too in winters, exceeding normal eating and drinking happens which results in weight gain and toxin accumulation.

“All this brings in a feeling of heaviness and uneasiness at the end of vacations. Therefore, one should be cautious while eating during vacations,” says Namita Jain, nutritionist at Diet Mantra.

Doctors say it becomes important to remain perfect on the weighing scale and feel the best both before and after holidays.

“Pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals are the elements entering the body through food and detoxing or removing toxins from the body is one thing which can help avoid those overeating side-effects,” says Dr Rama Srivastava, who has been running campaign to educate beauticians for skin care.

New inventions and technology bring a package of toxic materials including carbon monoxide, asbestos, lead poisoning, and unnamed carcinogens that make detoxification a challenge to every organ in the body. All this enters the body through the fast foods that is consumed during vacations.

“Majority of us believe a low fat diet will bring good health and the body will be fit. But the reality is that we cannot get this detoxification done unless a process is adopted,” said Namita.

Doctors suggested one should eat veggies and lowfat cheese on the party platter. Eat veggies, protein and low-fat meals and try to avoid sugar. Your body won’t crave sweets as much if you’re eating healthy, so you’ll be less tempted to pick up that cheesecake.