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London, December 21, 2012
After becoming the most-watched video ever on Youtube, Korean singer Psy's pop sensation "Gangnam Style" has now booked a place in popular culture with recognition from a renowned British dictionary.

"Gangnam Style" has been named among the Collins dictionary's words of the year along with "mummy porn", "fiscal cliff" and "Romneyshambles".
Psy's song was the dictionary's word for November - when his horse dance video became YouTube's most popular clip, 'Mirror News' reported.
"Mummy porn" became April's word of the year as the erotic novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey' was published during that month and became an instant bestseller.
Defeated presidential candidate Mitt Romney made in it July after critics branded his visit to London a "Romneyshambles".
"Jubilympics" was June's word, while "Games Makers" was August's due to the volunteers who made the Olympic event in UK a success.
Each word was submitted by the public to the on-line dictionary at www.collinsdictionary.com/submission.
However, the publishers said not all 12 words had the staying power to make it to the print edition.
"We are astounded by how quickly new trends form. Choosing one word for 2012 didn't match the pace of change," Ian Brookes, consulting editor at Collins, said.
"Choosing just one word for 2012 didn't match the pace at which our language is changing, so we selected one popular word to represent each month from the whole range of those submitted," he said.
Words that made it the dictionary this year are 'Broga' for January, 'Legbomb' in February, 'Eurogeddon' (March), 'Mummy Porn' (April), 'Zuckered' for May.
'Jubilympics' was word of the year for June, 'Romneyshambles' for July, 'Games Makers' for August, '47 per cent' in September, 'Superstorm' (October), 'Gangnam Style'
November and 'Fiscal cliff' for December.