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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 21, 2012
The brutal gangrape case that took place in the Capital on Sunday night has left Delhi angry. They say it is time we took some action to make the city a safer place for women. From protests to candle marches and street play performances, Delhiites are out in huge numbers demanding the authorities to punish the culprits. Here’s what young Delhiites have to say on the issue.


Protests are fine but we need to go beyond them to make a strict plan of action. --Manak Matiyani, 28

The mindset of the people has to change to stop such crimes from taking place. --Anantjeet, 21

If such incidents happen in the Capital of the country, what will happen to other cities? 
--Shalini Kaushik, 19

It’s high time that we got to the root cause to prevent such crimes in the future. --Varun Katiyar, 23

It almost seems like it’s a crime to be a girl in this country.  --Sera Arora, 20

I don’t feel safe in the city at all. There should be a public execution of the accused.  --Jasleen Aulakh, 26


(As told to Chetna Dua)