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Khurram Habib, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 22, 2012
The annual general meeting of the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) saw heated arguments with its president, Arun Jaitley, eventually accusing the Kirti Azad-backed Cricket Improvement Committee (CIC) members of playing a destructive role in the running of affairs.

Azad has been criticising the workings of the DDCA over the last few years. On Friday, he complained that the DDCA had no financial document and later said that the election for 16 posts on Friday was stage-managed with Jaitley ensuring that the two opposing groups compromised.

CK Khanna group got nine members in, while SP Bansal group got in seven after a drama over the reported compromise's failure saw news of Jaitley offering to resign spread like wildfire.

Hampering work
Jaitley, however, blasted Azad saying the CIC was playing a destructive role and trying to rake up issues not related to cricket.

"We have been listening to all your complaints and as per your demands we've brought in first-class cricketers as selectors and coaches. We've listened to 90% of CIC's demands, but it has been trying to hamper the work by complaining about lease expiry, demolition of wall etc. It was meant to do constructive work which it isn't doing."

The argument reached such a level that Chetan Chauhan had to ask Azad to tone down.

DDCA official Ravi Jain termed Azad's allegations of stage-managed polls baseless, calling it a case of sour grapes.