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Deepak Mahato, Hindustan Times
Ranchi, December 22, 2012
The Jharkhand Police have launched a massive hunt for a paddy trader who allegedly planned the rape and murder of his daughter and the killing of her lover from another community.

The couple had eloped to Jamshedpur in October but returned after the father promised to get the couple married.

The father and his relatives absconded after the young man Praveen Sahu's body was found in the Pithoria forest in Ranchi district.

The girl, Reshma Ansari, gave a dying statement to the police on Friday, saying she was raped by three youths called by her father, Moin Ansari. Sahu was brutally tortured in her presence and she had no idea if he was dead or alive.

"We have arrested the girl's maternal uncle, Rakib Ansari," AV Minz, superintendent of police, Ranchi Rural, said.

The police said they found Reshma unconscious in the forest on December 14 and rushed her to a government hospital where she recorded her statement before dying of internal and external injuries.

The police said the couple was forced into a four-wheeler and driven to Pithoria.

Reshma's statement says, "I last saw Praveen tied with a rope and dragged away in the dark. Later, on my father's order, the vehicle driver and two others pounced on me and raped me. They thought I was dead and threw me off a bridge."