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Associated Press
Cairo, December 23, 2012
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood claimed Sunday that the Islamist-backed constitution has passed with a 64%  “yes” vote, the day after the final voting in a two-round referendum that deeply divided the country.
The constitution’s critics, however, may contest the outcome. A spokesman for the main opposition group which has been campaigning for a “no” vote said there were “a lot” of irregularities in the voting.

The Brotherhood’s unofficial results come a day before the election commission is expected to announce the final official tally for voting organized over two weeks. The group hastallied the outcome of past polls.

The passage of the constitution would be a victory for Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.

The Freedom and Justice Party, the Brotherhood’s political arm, said in a statement that it hoped the passage is a “historic opportunity” to heal Egypt’s divisions and launch a dialogue to restore stability and build state institutions.