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Indo-Asian News Service
Mumbai, December 23, 2012
Paresh Rawal, who has proved his mettle as an actor, now wants to try his hand at writing. Film direction, however, is not among his plans. When asked if he wanted to be a director, Paresh says, “I don’t think so. Right now, I'm not in that state of mind. If at all, I would love to write.” Though the actor states that he has not started writing anything yet, he says he “might in the future”.

Paresh, who has been open to working with new directors, says he just surrenders himself to them.

He believes that the key to a good relationship with a director is clear communication.

“If you have a problem, go and talk to your director. But once he says ‘no’, don't push. That is the wrong way to do do things and I’m not the kind of actor, who insists things should happen only his way,” he says.