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Karn Pratap Singh, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 24, 2012
On Saturday night, around 100 protesters fought biting cold, shared biscuits and coffee and sang patriotic songs. Though the entire India Gate area has been cleared, a handful may sneak in during the night and wait for the crowd to swell on Monday.

On Saturday night, after a majority of protesters left the demonstration venue around 9pm, students from various colleges stayed in front of police barricades at Raisina Hill.

They gathered around bonfires, made at three different places near the South Block-North Block entry gate, and continued shouting slogans against the government and the Delhi Police.

The 100-odd agitators, including girls, lit some candles outside the South block-North block entry gate at Vijay Chowk and started singing patriotic poems.

Whenever they felt sleepy, one of them would begin shouting, 'Beaten but not broken. We will fight for justice'. Hearing this, the rest would join the chorus. 

With no food to eat and no arrangement of drinking water, the agitators spent the entire night on tea and coffee sold by vendors in the night.

Some of them ate packets of biscuit and snacks brought by their friends. The same food was also offered to the police personnel who were deployed there to guard the entry gate of the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Shailesh Sharma, a Delhi University student, said, "We are here for justice and the demonstration should continue round the clock."