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HT Correspondent , Hindustan Times
Indore, December 28, 2012
For long it has circulated as one of those crude, insensitive jokes – when you are rendered helpless might as well relax and enjoy being raped.

On Thursday, an agricultural scientist doled out the same advice at a police workshop at Khargone, in Madhya Pradesh. What’s more, the topic was ‘Sensitivity Towards Women’.

And when her statement created a flutter, Anita Shukla resorted to “I was misquoted” excuse.

Shukla had said, “It is the women who provoke men. What was the girl doing outside home at 10 in the night?”

And, if that was not enough, she added, “After being surrounded by six rapists, why didn’t she surrender? At least, that could have prevented the pulling out of her intestines.”