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New Delhi, December 28, 2012
From television to movies and internet, this year had a lot to offer. Have a look! OMFG Moment
The sex scene in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain:We’re all ‘big’ fans of chubby sex now.
When Tupac came alive at Coachella: It was the coolest hologram this year.
Tom and Kat: But mostly, the whole Scientology nonsense.
The 50 million shades of badly-written erotica:Ladies, please.
The Pope gets on Twitter: Who knew a sermon could be contained in 140 characters?
Robert Pattinson dumped Kristin Stewart: Imagine how many 14-year-olds lived in hope for a brief while.

Music and lyrics
Jiya Ho Bihar Ke Lala (Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 1): It has us falling for Biharis left, right and centre! 
Challa (Jab Tak Hai Jaan): AR Rahman, Gulzar, Rabbi Shergill and Shah Rukh Khan – need we say more?
Aafaton ke Parinde (Ishaqzaade): We love that Amit Trivedi introduced hints of Dubstep to Bollywood music
Skyfall: Bond and Adele are a combination better than Jack and Coke.
Madness by Brit band Muse: Soft, heavy, intricate and intimate. Perfect.
We Are Young (Fun. feat Janelle Monáe): If you’re under 30 (at heart), this is your anthem. Nate Ruess’s voice: Eargasm.
Call Me Maybe: HAHAHAHHA. Oh those Internet memes and spoof videos! We (almost) felt bad for Carly Rae Jepsen!

Trends from the internet
Return of Baroque
- Excess gold, rich embroidery and intricate detailing. What we’ve been doing for ages got a nod from Dolce & Gabbana this year. For closer home, look to Sabyasachi
Mad Men Women: The 1950s-style dresses, the knee-length skirt or the shift dresses. They’re everywhere!
Ties: Mostly used as blindfolds :P
Coloured pants/cardigans: This year it wasn’t ‘pansy’ or ‘Govinda’ to team a pair of red trousers with a marshmallow soft cardigan, even if you were a manly man. We think it’s here to stay.

Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel: Because we have a weakness for the Tudors!
The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling: Those kids crazy about Harry Potter books grew up just in time for this one. There’s heroin, death and rape.
Durbar by Tavleen Singh: Mostly because this one created such a stir.
Narcopolis  by Jeet Thayil: The best book that no one really read . Come on, don’t pretend you did.

The Gangs of Wasseypur gang: What would we have done without the  hinterland-inspired dialogues of Zeeshan Quadri and the edgy (we love him) direction of Anurag Kashyap.
Skyfall: Daniel Craig looks delectable and the movie manages to make a human out of James Bond.
Argo: The narrative and the casting is absolutely spot-on.
The Dark Knight  Rises: Because of the Batmobile
Vicky Donor:  All sperm jokes are funny.
Kahaani: The story. The background score. The powerful performances. And Parambrata.
The Hobbit: It is absolutely spectacular to watch. It may be long and butt-numbing but definitely not mind-numbing. 

Idiot box
Downton Abbey:  The aristocrats, the formal dinners, the clothes, the dilemmas... someone air it in India already!
Boardwalk Empire:  Atlantic City in the 1920s, Prohibition, the Mafia. Every man’s must watch.
Crime Patrol (Sony): When reality becomes a brilliant script anchored by Anup Soni, it’s an excellent thing.
Packed to the Rafters (Star World): The Australian Rafters family is more like an Indian family than any family on Indian television. Plus, we’re suckers for gharelu drama.
Game of Thrones (HBO): Well, we got the censored version. But holy cow! (Pssst.. the third season promises a few minutes extra in every episode; 2013, get here already!)

People we really liked
Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock: Aaah, those cheekbones.
Mary Kom: Boxing and babies. She doesn’t need a Gold medal to be a hero.
Malala Yousafzai: Because, at 14, you should be worrying about boys, TV and pocket money. Not getting shot for supporting women’s education.
Chulbul Pandey: Oh, Salman!.

From HT Brunch, December 30

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