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Chetna Dua, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 28, 2012
If classic rock numbers are what interests you, catch the performance by the band Win Tage in the Capital tonight. Niren Chaudhary, guitarist of the band, talks about their kind of music, and more. Why this name?
We played with different bands while studying in Delhi University. Now, we are slightly older, but better than ever before, and hence the name, Win Tage.

What type of music can we expect from the band ?
Classic rock. Songs from Clapton, Doors, Bryan Adams, Dire Straits, Deep Purple, among others.

What do you think people remember most about your gigs?
That we are a group of friends who still find time to get together and do what we love to do — play music!

How often do you perform in the city?
At least two to three times a year and would love to play more.

Do you guys enjoy performing in Delhi? If yes, then why?
Yes, because most of our family and friends live here. 

Do you think that the music scene in the Capital has changed in the last five years?
We feel the music scene in Delhi is getting a lot more active.

What would you say is the best place in Delhi to make music?
Garden of 5 Senses and Zorba are some of our favourite places.