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Prajakta Chavan Rane , Hindustan Times
Mumbai, December 29, 2012
Delays plagued suburban commuters on the Central Railway (CR) for the second time this week after services were disrupted in the morning peak hours owing to signal failure on one of the corridors.

At 6.30 am, all signals on the Diva-Thane slow corridor failed, causing a bunching of trains. Morning services were delayed by 30 minutes and there was a 20-minute delay through the day.

The signal failure happened because of a night block between Kalwa to Mulund, for remodelling work at the Thane station, was extended by 40 minutes. The block, which was supposed to be between 1.30 am and 3.20 am was extended till 4.11 am. “The 40-minute extension delayed operations. Though signals were rectified by 7am, the bunching of trains caused resulted in delays through the day. However, slow trains were diverted to the fast line to ease the congestion,” said AK Singh, public relations officer, CR.

Commuters also claimed that there were train cancellations. “We had no clue when the train would arrive and why there was such a delay. Two Thane-CST services were cancelled and the trains arriving from Kalyan were packed. I had to wait at the station for nearly an hour,” said Thane resident Supriya Padave, 29.  There was no official confirmation on the cancellations.

Lack of announcements led to further chaos at stations, commuters said. “No one had any clue about which platforms trains would arrive at. Trains were running 30 minutes behind schedule, but the train arrival time was not given” said Rahul Deshpande, 32, a Kalyan resident.