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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 30, 2012
Condoling the death of the 23-year-old gangrape victim, the opposition parties said the incident has shaken the conscience of the country and called for improving laws to make India a better place for women.

"The death of the girl has shaken the conscience of the nation. We must wake up and make India safe for daughters," said Sushma Swaraj, leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha. 

Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley said the girl has been "sacrificed" to an environment in which women are not safe.

"All our heads must hang in shame today that a young girl has fallen victim to brutal and beastly behaviour. She has been sacrificed to an environment in which women are not safe," said Jaitley, leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha.

"We must now introspect as to how we can improve our laws, our judicial processes and most importantly the consciousness of the citizenry which creates a better environment where women can live with dignity," he said. The senior BJP leader also emphasised on the need for an alert citizenry.

"We need to create an environment in India where no woman is treated in this manner. You need a legal regime, a quick disposal judicial process, quick investigative process and above all an alert and conscious society that does not allow such incidents to pass away as they have passed," he said.

Expressing deep sorrow at the tragic death of the "brave young woman", the CPM politburo sought the "most stringent punishment" to the accused.

"It is even more tragic that had the government and the police done its duty the horrific incident could have been avoided," the party said.

"It is essential for the government at the Centre and the states to put in place long-pending required measures to prevent violence against women which have been demanded by women's organisations and the Left parties and which the government has failed to accept and implement."

CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta said the government must call a special session of Parliament to pass stringent anti-rape laws. The highest forum of democracy - Parliament - must discuss the issue, he said.