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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, December 30, 2012
The traffic police would be armed with at least 150 breath analysers on December 31 to ensure that drunk drivers do not go scot-free, sources in the traffic department said on Saturday. The Mumbai traffic police said they would also be equipped with enough number of speed guns to keep a check on rash drivers on the New Year’s Eve.

However, to be better equipped with rising number of vehicles in the city, a proposal to acquire more such equipment next year has already been sent to the top brass.

The traffic police will put to use all their machinery and man power to any untoward incidents on December 31, traffic officials said.

A force of more than 3,000 traffic police personnel along with 200 additional personnel from the city police would man the streets, they added.

The police will also use hand-held cameras to film rash drivers, which would be of use in case erring motorists flee after being asked to stop.

“All arrangements are in place, however, I cannot reveal the details of number of equipment that are there at our disposal. To strengthen the force, we would procure enough number of speed guns and breathe analysers in 2013, a proposal for which has already been sent to the top brass,” said Brijesh Singh, additional commissioner of police (traffic).

Traffic officials have already started the drive to catch drunk drivers from December 20 and close to 150 persons are being caught daily, officials said.

As a part of making it easy to keep tabs on any suspicious activity inside moving vehicles, the police also began a crackdown on dark films put up on vehicles.

Following a Supreme Court judgment in August 2012, the traffic police penalised over 72,000 people for putting up dark films on vehicles.