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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 03, 2013
1. Right entry: Location of the entrance in a home has its own effect on the lives of the residents. If it is located between west and north-west directions, it can lead to stress. Vastu suggests painting the entrance in white colour to overcome the bad effects.

2. Bedroom blues: The bedroom has the maximum effect on the mental state of a person. Avoid setting up your bedroom in west, north-west, south and south-west direction. If it is located in these zones, paint it in cream colour. Place a brass deer or a yellow flower in these zones to get rid of negativity.

3. Mirrors and memories: Mirrors or photographs in west and north-west directions may create a feeling of failure. Even placing family photographs here must be avoided as then your family becomes the reason for your low moods. Removing or covering this mirror with a cloth may remove the problem.

4. Cooking up happiness: Kitchens in north-east weakens the fire in your building and in your body. This results in weakening of self-confidence. Using green stone in the kitchen will help tackle this problem. 

5. Colour therapy: Avoid using  blue colour in south and red or orange in north-east as they generate negative thinking and low self-confidence. Due to red colour in north, a person is not able to attract money, and this can lead to depression. 

 HTC (with inputs by  Khushdeep Bansal,  Founder of  MahaVastu)