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January 03, 2013
If you want a stress-free life, keep yourself engaged. Yes, according to a report, remaining idle may lead to developing inability in coping up with daily life. One in 10 young people feel unable able to cope with day-to-day life, the report says. According to a report from The Prince’s Trust’s Youth Index, young people not in employment, education or training - NEETs - are more than twice as likely to feel unable to cope as their peers, Sky News reported.

The report based on interviews with 2,136 people aged 16 to 25, gauged youngster’s wellbeing across a range of areas from family life to physical health. The report revealed that 27% of young people in work, felt down or depressed “always” or “often,” but that increased to almost half (48%) among NEETs.

The Prince’s Trust launched additional support for youngsters with mental health needs on its Team programme four years ago, and has been increasing this support year-on-year ever since.